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Diversity in the Real World

Diversity has been misunderstood, misrepresented, and misapplied to the point where it has become tolerated instead of celebrated. At Institutional Diversity we look at how we are alike, not different no matter where we are, were, or want to be.

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What We Do

What We Do

Cloud First · Digital Outreach · Research Based

Cloud First

We are a Cloud-first non-profit that strives to deploy scalable technology as much as we can. Certain things are as high touch, and we provide scalable technology.

Digital Outreach

While every organization is online, we believe our mandate is national and the way to achieve that is to focus our outreach online.

Research Based

We use data and research to look at diversity in society. We take a look at quantitative data on diversity and inclusion.


About Us

Why Our Agency?

Institutional Diversity is an agency to bring diversity in a natural, holistic, and institutional way. To make diversity institutional.

We work by promoting awareness, discussion, and understanding. In these hyper divisive times, we take an academic look at diversity and how to make the world dest divisive.

  • Proximate Leaders
  • Technology that scales

About us


What We Do

Summer Programs Directory

Summer Youth programs are to provide challenging, educational activities for students of various grade levels. Programs targeting underrepresented communities are listed in our directory.

Early College Awareness

We provide online early college awareness for 8th through 10th grades.

College Financial Support

Students need a basic understanding of college costs and financial aid and we explain exactly what financial aid is — and how it can help students to afford college.

Summer Melt Prevention

At many higher education institutions, one of the most critical issues is summer melt. When a student accepts an institution’s offer of admission, and then fails to enroll.